Back on November 8th, the Peninsula Seniors Residence made a very generous donation to our cause - we are so grateful for their important support!

The new incarnation is called the Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society (VCDS), and it’s composed of the same people who volunteered with the cancer society, but they are now not affiliated with it.

“Here we are, we’ve got superb people that are dedicated and have all had experience with cancer patients. If you haven’t driven, you don’t understand the attachment we have with cancer patients.”

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Families fighting cancer need help beyond treatment. They need convenient, compassionate and affordable transportation. That’s why the Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society has been formed. Beginning February 29th cancer patients on the North Shore, in the Tri-cities, Surrey, Delta, Langley and White Rock will be offered free round trip transportation from their home to treatment facilities. A similar service was discontinued in October of last year, leaving patients without affordable transportation.

President Garth Pinton of the new Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society knows first hand the importance of free transportation. He was a volunteer driver in the previous program as were many others who have stepped up to volunteer in the newly-formed Society. Pinton recalls speaking with a mother whose son was receiving cancer treatment. She told him, “I was taking my son to the hospital so often. It really saved me money at a difficult time in my life.”

Now thanks to volunteer drivers willing to donate their time, cancer patients will once again have this invaluable service.

For information on how to register, to volunteer as a driver or provide financial support please call 604-515-5400 or visit

Contributions may be made at any branch of the Canadian Imperial Bank of Commerce (CIBC).