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A line in an old Al Jolson song says, “I’d walk a million miles for one of your smiles.”

We’re smiling a lot at the Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society. Our wonderful volunteer drivers have just reached a milestone…over a million kilometres driven since our inception nearly three years ago. We have grown to the point where we have 175 registered volunteer drivers who have made over 17,000 trips with cancer patients.

In most cases, drivers take a patient to cancer clinics, wait for their treatment to be completed, then drive them home, often in heavy traffic. Volunteer drivers have spent over 52,000 hours on the road. Dispatchers also make a great contribution by answering calls for service and dispatching drivers.

A million kilometres and no doubt a million smiles from our cancer patients and their families. We’re looking forward to continuing this essential service for many years.

Merry Christmas.

Bob Smith,

President Volunteer Cancer Drivers Society

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